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The Eishof staff

Team spirit is key to all of Eishof’s multi-coloured staff. Because together you are not only stronger, but your whole life is simply way more fun!


Our Eishof-Team



Hutkeeper by passion, Eishof’s head of the family, Jedi Knight wearing lederhosen, the force is with him, visionary positive thinker, always looks out for his home country, great judge of character, Gin Tonic disciple from the very beginning, THE man for every party, sporting ace, shopping queen in his mountain jeep, motivational talent, team player 



Kitchen conductor and ladle swinger, passionately treats your taste buds, calorie-conscious pastry chef, South Tyrol’s Kaiserschmarrn empress and queen of the Watten card game, overstrains her pasta maker, family person through and through



Fairy head waiter, responsible for marketing, clicks and likes, sunbathed permanent pilgrim to Eishof, part-time Schnalser, part-time Brazilian – but full-time care bear, linguistic chameleon, man of a thousand words, fussy grammar nazi, wears his lederhosen with Hawaiian shirts



Incarnated (vegan) Thermomix and all-in-one-device, DJ Maso Gelato, untamable party animal, temporary barista, bomb disposal expert, parasol technician and sunny boy, bubble butt model in red Baywatch shorts (even when it’s cold)



Dishwasher whisperer, Mr. Clean (minus the bald head and the earring), ingenious MacGyver of the hut, cappuccino addict, notoriously loses his glasses, Bollywood’s undiscovered super talent: balances beer glasses on his head while dancing, adamant human rights activist, philosophy of life “Choose happy”



Mom of the hut (literally), mirror ball come alive, sunshine in person, Eishof’s heart and soul, creative brain and energetic perfectionist, usually armed with laundry basket, watering can and a green thumb, ravenous sweet tooth, Sigmund Freud of the hut, child at heart



Or simply John, relaxed bartender to the max (even on Sundays and Ferragosto), coffee artist, giant of the hut, octopod plate and tray spinner, playful prankster, honorary member of the Heartbreakers Club, the last man standing, coined Eishof’s mantra “For the house!”



Affectionately known as Lisl, lady of the greens, queen of the veggies and oiling specialist (obviously in the kitchen), valiant little tailoress of the hut, headstrong rulebreaker, psycho-sweetheart with a sympathetic ear at all times, particularly social (d’uh, she studies Sociology)



Shy sous-chef, Italian cursing heavyweight, crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside – just like a well-done Kaspressknödel, in charge of warming soups, hearty dumplings and meat dishes, Pfossental valley’s very own race car driver, wears his love for Eishof under his skin

Temporary staff



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